Sheree Mack,
McIntosh, South Dakota

“This story melts my heart! I am a grandma’s girl myself, and reading this to my little ones brings back memories. There’s nothing that can break a bond between a grandchild and a grandparent.”

Tina Richards,
Piscataway, New Jersey

“My five-year-old boy picked this book for our bedtime story ritual. He enjoyed listening to the story so much that he asked if we could go to his grandma’s place the next day. This story taught him so much about unconditional love, and I’m glad we stumbled upon this book.”

Amanda Alvarez,
Ocean City, New Jersey

“This illustrated book is easy to read. My son insisted on reading it together, and it was an unforgettable experience. I also love the fact that buying this book will help many orphaned Haitians.”

Grandma Waves with her Heart

About the Book

Grandma grew up with women. She lived her life surrounded by women, from her two sisters to her two daughters and her two grandchildren. But now there’s a new member in the family—a boy named Rooster.

Grandma is at first flummoxed. How will she go about raising a boy? But as days go by, she soon learns to let him be. Boys are born as boys, she says, and they are meant to stay that way. Rooster and Grandma’s bond grows strong and deep. Grandma is a doting and supportive grandparent; she watches Rooster grow with pride in her eyes and understanding in her heart. But when Rooster becomes a young man, he starts feeling embarrassed to be seen with his grandmother. It just doesn’t look cool! How will grandma take this?

Grandma Waves with Her Heart is one of the many books written by Austine Royer Smith. This heartwarming tale will touch many readers, as it shows them a love so pure and true. With its engaging narrative and lively illustrations, Grandma Waves with Her Heart is a perfect bedtime book for children and their grandparents.

Austine Royer Smith

About the Author

Austine Royer Smith is the author of many children’s books, including Haiti is Waiting, If That Isn’t Love, The Edge of the Field, Present Bouquets, and Boci’s New Shoes. Just like with her previous books, the proceeds for her latest literary venture, Grandma Waves with Her Heart, will go to Foundling House Ministries for the funding of orphanages in Haiti. Smith currently resides in Rincon, Georgia.


Now Grandma’s love of a little boy has begun. Grandma pondered in her heart on how to teach a little boy to be a little boy since she had only girls. But the answer soon came because boys are created to be boys. You do not have to teach them how.

On school days, Grandma would go to Rooster’s house and see that he gets on the big yellow school bus that picks him up from his house. The big school bus would then go to the end of the street and turn at the cul-de-suc and come back by the house. Grandma would stand outside and wave her hand as the big bus went by.

Afternoon came, and it was time for the big bus to drop Roo off at his house. Grandma sat on the couch so she could see Roo get off the bus. The big bus stopped and the door opened, and Roo jumped off and ran into the house and said, “Grandma, I saw you standing behind the blinds this morning when the bus came by the house. Grandma, were you waving with your hand?”
“No,” Grandma said, “I was waving with my heart.”

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